Below you will see a list of all the challenges Bustar has recieved so far. To nominate an activity to attempt while juggling or an object to juggle there are a few methods you can use;

Twitter: Tweet to @jamesbustarlive using the #365dayjuggle or click here

Facebook: Click James Bustar’s Fan Page and post to Bustar’s page and use the #365dayjuggle

Instagram: Post a photo of what you want to see juggled or attempted while juggling and tag @jamesbustar and use the #365dayjuggle


Don’t Forget. The reason behind #365dayjuggle is to raise money for Cancer click the links to the right to donate!


Three Guitars – Andrew Nason
Three Gaming Console Controllers – Carmen Challen
Nappies – Carmen Challen
Dry Sponges – Jon Udry
Ukeleles – Steve Elliot
Light bulbs – Steve Bowen
Helium Balloons – Kat Clarke
Watermelons – Emily Talbot
Table tennis balls – Emily Talbot
iPhone’s – Emily Talbot
Wine Bottles – Emily Talbot
Fish – Emily Talbot
Fruit Salid – Alyson Hockey
Salad – Alyson Hockey
Pineapples – Kat Clarke
Wet soap – Mark Critchon
Goggles – Mark Critchon
Air Guitars – Alyson Hockey
Wine Glasses – Jess O’Brien
Eggs – anonymous
Chainsaw – 3Kev3 @3kev3
Marbles – Another Dan ‏@ProPrivacy1
Candles – Will Morgan
DVD’s – Will Morgan
Big Jigsaw Pieces – Am Benton
Squash Ball, Pumpkin, Pack of cards, Golf club, Green pea – Corinne Marie Gentle
Kittens – Wayne Shakespeare
Babies – Joe Copeland
Giant Octopusses – Phil Blackmore
Baked dinner, lamb, spuds, onion and peas – Michael Harrison
Studded footy boots – Peter Feenan
Holiday Brochures – Jon May
Minions and Bananas – anonymous
Dougal Bear – Cancer Council NSW
Shoes, Cufflinks, Sunglasses – Rachael Russell
Champagne – @SpencerMJH
Minions and Bananas – Ruth Lunar
Books with a computer keyboard – Sue Hancock
Juggle porcelain plates – Bart Banyon
Juggle upside down – Graham Pinning
Juggle while skateboarding – Better Extreme
Juggle Beer – Bluebeards Revenge
Frisbees, Toblerone Chocolate Bars, Small Children, Tyres, Flags, Feathers, Scissors – Christie.Jenkins (Instagram)
Onions, Tomatoes, Oranges, Apples – daviddesouza_97 (Instagram)
Swords, Magic Rings, Phones, Eggs, Wood – _theboy_who_likes_magic
Full cups of coffee, live birds, handfuls of marbles, sand, water – hannahcryle (Instagram)
Banana Peel, bra, marble – jugglinjosh (instagram
Traffic Cone, Water Bottle, Exercise Ball – the_x_man__ (Instagram)
Juggle while Basejumping – marcobonisimo (Instagram)
Juggle while back-flipping into a foam pit – jamal_ann (Instagram)
Juggle while playing Rugby – bice_magician (Instagram)
Juggle on a Slack Line – jugglingjordan (Instagram)
Juggle while Abseiling – mackenzie_tang (Instagram)
Juggle while indoor skydiving – emyeyes (Instagram)
Soft job icecreams – maitland_comedy_club (Instagram)
Plastic Bags – dalecornell (Instagram)
Meaty Dog Bones – carmie0582 (Instagram)
Garbage Can, Coin, Banana – jugglingjordan (Instagram)
Beach Balls – aaron_buck12 (Instagram)
Piece of Pie, pizza Pie, Haggis, fire extinguishers, Liver, something slimy – dreamjuggler (Instagram)
Juggle on a bouncy castle – Lesley Gray (Facebook)
Hanging upside down off a tree above a pool of sharks, crocodiles – Rhys Hayes (Facebook)
Handfuls of Sand – Steve Patient (Facebook)
Juggle Ski’s while Skiing – Lesley Gray (Facebook)
Dildos – Will Nelson (Facebook)
Wet Sand – Laura Castlelline (Facebook)
Animal Testicles – Jacob Ritcher (Facebook)
Field Mice – Peter Spokes (Facebook)
Hedgehogs – Iain Maverick Sandilands (Facebook)
Juggle Guitars at a Rock Concert – Gareth Lewis (Facebook)
Bowls of Jelly – Philip Breen (Facebook)
High Heel Shoes – Alyson Hockey (Facebook)
Gin Bottles – Jess O’Brien (Facebook)
Text books – Kasey Arkinstall (Facebook)
Hammers – Steven Stanton (Facebook)
Christmas Themed Snow Globes – Kristen LS (Facebook
Ukeleles, Violins – the_x_man__ (Instagram)
Juggle on a Segueway,  – joshuakirayoshi (Instagram)
Zuccinis – jesscruises (Instagram)
Zebras – thisbelouella (Instagram)
Zorb balls – mermaidtalesbyjules (Instagram)
Zippers – tom.201 (Instagram)
Fish – juggle_thug2 (Instagram)
Turkeys – anthony_giorgio15 (Instagram)
Fake Christmas Trees – andreasfinzel (Instagram)
Sword, Axe, Torch – jackson_reed15 (Instagram)
Juggle on a Mechanical Bull – dreamjuggler (Instagram)
Potatoes or Potato Mashers – rina.louise (Instagram)